NECE Conference 2020

NECE 2020

Re-connecting in a post pandemic world. Citizenship education for democracy and sustainability

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Berlin, 5 – 7 November 2020


About NECE 2020 

“There has never been so much knowledge about our ignorance and about the compulsion to act and live under uncertainty.” (Jürgen Habermas)

The coronavirus pandemic has profoundly affected the way we live and work. Many people continue to face uncertainty, and we are a long way from returning to normality.

The NECE conference 2020 will be held in Berlin against the background of the German EU Presidency and its goal to open up new channels for citizen’s participation in Europe. As a run-up to the conference, NECE 2020 will offer a series of digital events such as webinars, trainings, panels and a barcamp on the various aspects of the conference theme.

NECE 2020 aims to re-connect the public good of citizenship education to democracy and sustainability. As an international platform for teachers and students, as well as civil society activists from Germany, Europe, Arab and African countries, NECE 2020 will be a hybrid event with as many real-life meetings as possible and numerous digital channels. Its main objective is to send a strong signal to policy makers in Europe on how to support the political recovery of our democracies. Participants are invited to prepare a joint declaration on the value of citizenship education for democracy and sustainability.