“Full control”

The larger and more complex the project, the longer the duration and the more diverse the stakeholders, the more challenging it is to maintain an overview, keep track of processes, and make results tangible. As a project office, we carry out all relevant coordination and management tasks in the context of your project: From coordinating schedules and developing suitable communication and participation concepts to networking of all involved stakeholders, controlling and budget management.


“Changing perspectives to gain new knowledge”

Good ideas and intriguing topics can be translated into effective formats by using innovative and creative methods. From classical panel discussions to interactive and multimedia-nased communication forms – we can advise you during an ideation process and help you develop your project ideas on the conceptual level. Our interdisciplinary teams methodically prepare complex correlations and questions in order to translate and communicate them in a comprehensible and target group-oriented way.


“We translate your ideas into effective events”

You would like to organize a socially and ecologically responsible event? We implement your ideas in a professional, high-quality and sustainable manner. Our many years of experience in the implementation of events, combined with our know-how in terms of content and methodology, enable enable us to successfully implement your project. We address your target group with a tailor-made overall concept, find the right partners and offer you a full service package for every conceivable event format.


“Clever usage of virtual space”

Get ready and set for the virtual space: We dispose of the necessary skills to optimally plan, technically implement and digitally execute different digital formats. at Especially when it comes to digital projects, creativity, flexibility as well as solution-oriented action are indispensable!

In addition to conceptual and creative competencies, our team has the technical know-how to provide you with a captivating and smooth experience in virtual space: from consulting and implementation of suitable digital tools to technical realization and production to directing and coordinating all remote parties.

Depending on your needs, we draw on a repertoire of innovative tools and methods that enable an intertwining of analog and digital – with an hybrid result that allows to accommodate the participation of a broader target group.


“Strong words – clear messages”

Whether analog or digital – communication is the key to successful agenda setting. We write, tweet, post and create target group-specific content for your project. We manage your online presence, create project-relevant (press) distribution lists and accompany your press and public relations work from strategy to evaluation. We handle information sensitively and can place your messages in a targeted manner with the help of our personal press contacts.


“Shaping change through dialogue”

Processes of participation and change that involve different actors can be initiated and accompanied in many different ways. An appreciating and respectful culture of dialogue can help to identify challenges within joint discussions, recognise individual potential, formulate solutions and implement results. We design and facilitate these spaces for dialogue – online or on spot in direct discussions!


“Tap potential in a targeted way”

In the course of a project, it is important to remain agile and to regularly put the project’s implementation into test: Where have we come so far? Are the chosen communication tools and dynamics working out in a constructive way? What about internal team dynamics? Where is there a need for action? We monitor your requirements with a professional and unbiased view from the outside. We’re glad to advise you during the process of achieving your goal!


“Towards greater sustainability”

We offer training and education for companies, public institutions, NGOs and associations on sustainability and sustainable event management. We provide advice, and design workshops, bar camps, world cafés and open spaces. By positioning yourself in a sustainable way, not only are you assuming responsibility for the environment, people and nature. You also benefit directly from the concept. Through cleverly implemented measures, you can reduce costs, promote the creative use of technologies and materials and commit yourself to higher quality standards.